Removing A Swimming Pool From Your Home

The hot weather has hit Melbourne and people are rushing out to buy new air-con units and fans. Others lucky enough to have a swimming pool are jumping into their water-filled holes in the backyards and escaping the sudden high temperatures with a nice cooling off.

But what if you own a pool and don’t want it anymore? You can’t simply throw it out. Luckily there is a solution. Reverse Pools is a family run company that will remove pools and spas from your home. They have successfully converted swimming pools into underground water tanks, and recreated the space in the yard as a garden, paved area or lawns.


Their techniques are the best in the business so if you feel you can take the heat and want more space in your backyard, check out their swimming pool removal solutions today. Meanwhile, I’ll be looking through the Clarke Rubber catalogue to find a cheap plastic pool to put in my courtyard!