Amici’s Breakfast Burrito To Die For

Just a quick review today, as I felt it necessary to give props to a great eatery on Chapel Street in Prahran. Amici’s Bakery Cafe is a lovely place situated just down from High Street. The last couple of Sunday’s I’ve been down there for lunch and must rave about their breakfast burrito. It’s actually called the Amici’s Breakfast Wrap, and is the best start to a Sunday morning. Once I ate it whilst nursing a big hangover, the other time while fresh and well rested. Both times it was great.

The burrito is a wrap filled with finely shaved strips of steak, scrambled eggs, tomato, spinach, corn, salsa and probably a couple of other things I can’t remember right at this moment. The point is, it’s amazing, and needs to be tried by everyone who’s a fan of food. While we’re talking about burritos, for a night time meal, go a few hundred metres down the road to Amigos, the mexican restaurant also on Chapel Street. Try their chicken and sweet corn burritos…you won’t be disappointed!