Oprah Fever Hits Melbourne

Superstar to the misguided hicks, Oprah Winfrey, arrived in Melbourne today, and made her only public appearence of her Australian trip at Federation Square in the city. Flying in from Uluru this morning, Oprah (whose nameĀ is aboriginal for successful black woman) had a scare on the Bolte Bridge when a 1964 Holden stopped suddenly, forcing a semi trailer to swerve across lanes on the freeway. The incident happened only two cars away from Oprah’s motorcade, but luckily she was fine and continued on to Crown.

I’m not even sure why Oprah is here. I watch the news and there’s been plenty of marketing about this trip. Is she releasing a new book? Is she starring in a movie down here? Is she looking at joining up at Fernwood and giving Kirstie Alley a run for her money? Maybe I’ve just tuned out because I’m not a fan.

I nearly went down to Fed Square this afternoon to take a look. How often do you get a chance to see a googly eyed woman from Mississipi giving real hope to people in person? Now that’s so much better than religion! And there’ll be lots of people out drinking at Riverland tonight because of all the commotion. Maybe I’ll go down there after all!