Presents Galore as Major Retailers Fuel Christmas Shopping

With only 2 days until Christmas, people are madly shopping around for last minute christmas gifts for family and friends. Despite us being deep in the midst of a global financial crisis 18 months ago, Australian’s aren’t afraid to open their wallets during this festive season.

Major retailers such as JB Hifi and David Jones have been particularly popular, with stores all over the state continually packed out with excitable shoppers. Both businesses have a point of difference, which has added to their popularity this summer. JB Hifi’s business model of high turnover and small margins is working a treat, with hardly any stock sitting in the store for long.

Their most popular products have included Nintendo Wii’s, Xbox Kinect, 50 inch plasma televisions, and of course their huge range of dvds. Their low prices have ensured the stores are one of the most popular places to shop and buy christmas gifts. David Jones is at the other end of the scale, selling high end products such as contemporary jewellery, upscale fragrances and boutique clothing. But a range of shoppers are happy to ignore the price tags and shop until their hearts are content.

It’s a positive time for Melbourne businesses and one that should only get better as the economy continues to improve.

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