Reptile Parties have an educational spin

Kids today are spending more and more time on their computers playing games and chatting online and less time exercising and stimulating their brains. Parents find it difficult to organise a hobby or sport for their children to get involved with and many can’t find the time.

Similarly, when it comes to organising a birthday party, adults are generally uninnovative, and take their child and party guests to the movies, or bowling. So when a company pops up that can give children a unique experience that will both interest them and stimulate their grey matter, parents need to take notice!


Recommended reptile companies:

Reptile Encounters is an exciting business that brings “wildlife up close” to children all over Victoria. Their range of kids parties are perfect for a birthday, showing up to your house with snakes, turtles, lizards and even crocodiles! They are fully supervised events with trained animal handlers, and each species is discussed so that the children are educated.

These Melbourne reptile parties waken kids drive to learn and seek out new information, not only in the science field, but in all walks of life. So if your kids’ birthday is coming up, cancel the trip to the video arcade and speak to Josh about one of these great events!