Artificial Turf Will Reduce Your Garden Maintenance

People who live in apartments will tell you that one of the benefits is not having to worry about gardening. We as a society are become busier….working longer hours, spending more time commuting thanks

Starting Surfing Just Got Easier

Surfing is a very popular pastime in Australia, with some amazing places to catch a wave, especially along the Eastern coastline. In Victoria, Torquay and other coastal towns along the great ocean road are

Reptile Parties have an educational spin

Kids today are spending more and more time on their computers playing games and chatting online and less time exercising and stimulating their brains. Parents find it difficult to organise a hobby or sport

Architects With a Green Approach

Melbourne architects have been at the forefront of environmental design for quite some time, responding to the urban fabric of the city which demands “green” buildings. Understanding how the suns movements can be utilised

A Cafe With A Sensational Cup

Coffee, it sustains life as we know it. What better place to revive your inner-self but at Black Salt CafĂ© with a cup of sensational coffee, in a wonderfully fresh atmosphere? Melbourne’s newest cutting

Home Builders That Are True Blue

With more and more things being made overseas and services getting outsourced to India and Bangladesh, Australian’s are appreciating Australian-made options a lot more. The customer service in Australia is miles above compared to

Pet Resort a Christmas Gift for your Animal

If you’re going away on holidays this festive season, why not give your pet a christmas present by checking him or her into a pet resort while you’re away. Pet hotels, as they are

Bridal Hair and Makeup a must for Weddings

If you’ve been lucky enough to find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, when the big day comes, you want it to be a day to remember forever. Which