Carpet Cleaning During the Festive Season

With Christmas only weeks away, the holiday season is about to start. Celebrations will occur both at bars around the city and at homes in the suburbs. With christmas parties there will always be alcohol and with alcohol and partying comes mess. Cleaning up your carpets after a big event is something that people love to avoid. Especially during summer when you would much prefer to be down at the beach, enjoying the amazing weather.

Hiring a company to clean your carpets professionally can be a good idea, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Murphys are a Carpet Cleaning business who provide a great service at a great rate. They will ensure the removal of dirt and dust from deep within the carpet fibres, and use non-toxic chemicals that coat the carpet and make it harder for particles to get caught up in the future.


Steam carpet cleaning will extract all the dirt and then suction up all the moisture, leaving you with clean and excellent looking carpets. So when you have a festive night with your friends and wake up with your living area a bit worse for wear, call Murphys Carpet care and they’ll come to your ho-ho-home!