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Clearance Auctions Decluttering the Lives of Victorians

Most Victorians have too much stuff. Living in a consumer-focused society, it is no surprise that we succumb to buying more than we need. We buy a brand new iPhone even though tour current

Roman Blinds voted most popular

The results are in! A 2015 survey of Melbourne adults aged 18 to 80 has ranked roman blinds as the favourite window covering for your home. More than 36% of those surveyed ranked the

A Plumbing Emergency Needs Quick Action

We’ve all experienced it before. A pipe has sprung a leak and it spraying water everywhere, which is spreading across the floor and messing up the place. We put a couple of saucepans down

Artificial Turf Will Reduce Your Garden Maintenance

People who live in apartments will tell you that one of the benefits is not having to worry about gardening. We as a society are become busier….working longer hours, spending more time commuting thanks

Architects With a Green Approach

Melbourne architects have been at the forefront of environmental design for quite some time, responding to the urban fabric of the city which demands “green” buildings. Understanding how the suns movements can be utilised

Home Builders That Are True Blue

With more and more things being made overseas and services getting outsourced to India and Bangladesh, Australian’s are appreciating Australian-made options a lot more. The customer service in Australia is miles above compared to

Hot Weather Equals Pool Maintenance Time

The hot pre-summer weather is out in full force and it’s time to start thinking about the 3 s’s: slurpees, suntanning, and swimming. For Melbournians lucky enough to have a swimming pool, it’s also

Fencing Contractors Ideal For New Housing Estates

If you’ve recently bought a new home in one of Melbourne’s ever-growing housing estates, congratulations on getting into the property market. Despite a recent pullback in the median house prices in Australia’s most liveable