Local Girl Brings Us Organic Baby Clothes

Despite advances in technology, science and general awareness, the word is getting unhealthier. We exercise less, eat more processed foods, and are exposed to a range of potentially harmful chemicals in a wide range of places. One of those places are in baby clothes, which (if not organic) can cause many health issues.

Conventional cotton in most baby clothes:

  • can use genetically modified seeds
  • experiences defoliation induced by chemicals
  • can use synthetic fertilisers

And during processing, this cotton experiences:

  • chlorine bleaching which produces toxic bi-products
  • synthetic treatment with additional chemicals
  • heavy metal pigments which can leach into the skin

All this results in a baby exposed to lots of nasties, at an age where development is so important!

Enter organic baby clothes. Thankfully Jo from Bamboo Lulu a local Melbourne Business has sourced a range of the best bamboo clothes and toys and organic cotton baby clothes. The cotton uses GMO free, untreated seeds, and uses organic compost and crop rotation to facilitate soil fertility and water retention.

The processing of the baby clothes also utilises safe peroxide for the whitening, natural dyes and water based inks.

The result is 100% eco friendly products that will not cause any skin irritation or other harmful effects.