A Reptile School Incursion Makes Learning Fun

Keeping our children entertained and educating them at the same time can be a hard task, but most teachers would agree that hands-on activities can be a real winner. The problem can be in finding the right type of activities that are both safe and educational at the same time.

This is where reptile school incursions can be so useful, because the students can comfortably learn more about the animals who share our planet in a controlled and safe setting. Just imagine the excitement felt by the children when they actually hold or pet a snake, frog or little turtle and how much they can learn from the experience.

So what are the real world benefits of organising a reptile incursion at your school?

Lots of fun, entertainment and education

Whether it is a class of pre-schoolers or year 10 students, everyone will have a hoot handling the reptiles, while at the same time learning more about our wildlife. Pre-schoolers are simply captivated by all of these weird creatures, but they also love to touch them and to ask lots of questions as well.

Learning why our reptiles have such long tongues, why frogs don’t have teeth and why turtles hide in their shells can really enrich your children’s lives. Primary school children can learn more about the different types of reptiles in Australia, their habitats, what they eat and how they protect themselves against predators.


Of course, older students in year 10 for example, can learn more about reptile biology and the classification of different animals. Regardless of their age, everyone will have plenty of fun and learn lots of new information about our native wildlife, with each show crafted to individual age groups.

Don’t forget that most providers will work with teachers to put together additional classes for their students, which can be held before or after the reptile shows. These are particularly relevant for older students, as the materials provided by a professional reptile show will support the Australian curriculum.

Save money on field trips

Reptile incursions can save a school a lot of time and money. This is because when an educational reptile show comes to your school, you avoid having to organise buses and everything else that is involved in a trip to the zoo or wildlife park. You also don’t have to worry about taking a large group of children on an excursion, because the show comes to you instead.

Safety comes first in reptile shows

Safety is always a factor when young children are on field trips, so you will be happy to know that all of the reptiles in the shows are tame, raised in captivity, non-venomous and are used to being handled. None of these reptiles have been taken from the wild and they are all very comfortable being touched and carried around by people.

All of the reptile shows will have been designed specifically for different age groups and the presenters will be highly experienced in handling reptiles. All of this means that planning safe educational activities for your students has never been so easy. This takes the pressure away from teachers to try and find safe and affordable providers for activities that are educational, enriching and fun, as well as exciting and engaging.


Everyone who attends a reptile school incursion, including both the teachers and the children are always enthralled by the reptiles. Who knew education could be so much fun?