Promotional Models A Hot Marketing Tool

Getting your product exposure is one of the key factors in the success of any business. Sure, having a quality product (or service) is very important, but if no-one knows about it, then you’re still not going to make sales. Currently, a major tool in brand management is the use of promotional models.

Promo staff are employed by your business to “get your name” out there. Whether it be through handing out flyers, greeting people at a trade show, or walking around wearing clothing with your branding, it’s a good way to get noticed. You have probably noticed promotional models at the train station when you’re commuting too and from work. A lot of the time they are handing out free samples of a new snack or drink.

Most Melbournian’s love free stuff, but obviously not all companies can give away samples of what they offer. That’s why promo girls and guys are great. People might be hesitant to take a flyer from some random person standing around, but if it’s a colourful, attractive friendly person with good social skills, your success rate increases rapidly. If you’re looking to promote your business further and generate new leads, then promo staff are definitely worth considering.